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Metalworking was always interesting to me. While watching older generations craft amazing works from metal and seeing masters at their work I fell in love with this craft.

After years of watching shows like forged in fire, amazed by all those talented blacksmith’s, I decided to become one. 

I obtained an anvil, scraped together my grandfathers’ old tools and with some help from my college built a forge.

A fire was lit in my heart and I began my road to conquer the knowledge of becoming a blacksmith. The first steps were tedious and hard but my passion and desire to learn more about this craft lead me to meet new people and go to new places.

I had the luck of learning from local blacksmith masters, helping them forge everything from unique decorative objects, rough iron fences, and even medieval armors and weapons.

After much work, I had the privilege to learn from renowned famous blacksmith Roberto Giordani where I learned some of his tricks, tips and some Italian humor 🙂

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