Inferno Crafts is an idea where fantasy and imagination meet skill to create unique items of traditional and mythological origins.

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It is a fact that the human mind was always fascinated by mystery, mythology, and magic. Like ancient folklore describing tales of ghosts, dragons and heroes, depicting them as mythical beings so does Inferno Crafts create unique items that bring the satisfaction of those cravings to your home. Using raw materials like iron, wood, stone, leather and combining them with gems and resin to create items of your fantasy.

What we do

Traditional blacksmithing, with modern techniques.
The craft of shaping metal into art.

Combination of different alloys, steels and other materials,
using different techniques to create art.

Jewelry made from pure silver using traditional and modern techniques.

The practice of making leather into craft objects or works of art.

The use of wood carving to create delicate sculptures and custom handles.